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Up to date site documentation using the Site Journal software

One of the main causes of shortcomings and constructional damage during the execution of construction projects is overburdening of the site management. The reasons for this include that aids for efficient information about site process flows and communication between the people involved are either utilized inappropriately or not at all.

The development of building operations into ever increasing general contractor activities in conjunction with a risen number of subcontractors, specialized planners, special project planners and people involved in projects has also caused a boom in the demand for information and communication. At the level of architects' and engineering companies, a denser network of normative and contractual obligations requires an increasingly greater administrative effort. Many of these tasks are rooted in the site reporting system, such as site documentation, notifications of obstruction, planned receipts, progress reports, concrete placement plan. They often cause a flood of paperwork the organization of which requires a great extent of discipline or else will get out of hand fast.

In addition, the processing of these tasks now requires so much time that it can only be done at the expense of the original tasks, such as coordination and quality control. As a result, defective construction work causing economic damage to all parties involved becomes more frequent.

However, documenting construction progress is a routine job that is well-suited for computer-based working where recurring processes can be automated. Despite that, the most common method still is to keep a site journal, to note things down in forms, going through time-consuming repetitions. How many content items of a daily report have to be put down every day although these entries are identical with, or only slightly different from, the ones made the day before. By using software, construction site documentation can be simplified, and made faster and overburdening of the site management is prevented by increased efficiency.

Another increase in efficiency can be achieved using smartphones and tablets that facilitate direct on-site entry of daily progress reports.

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