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Photo management

Construction site photos can be attached individually to the daily progress report by selecting the folder containing all photos. You can add an optional comment to each photo. The photos are recorded separately by performance status or defect documentation, are attached to the daily progress report, if desired, and can be found in chronological order in the photo album.

Draw and write to the photo: photos can be completed with drawing elements, numbers and text. For photos of inadequacies, for example, it is often necessary to be marked with an arrow where exactly is the location of the inadequacy and specify in addition with a text, what exactly is criticized. Also you can annotate a photo with numbers, only to refer in the text to it. The Photo Editor has lines, circles, ellipses, rectangles, squares, polylines, freehand lines, text and lots of arrows and symbols. The objects can be scaled, rotated, line width and color can be changed.

Drawing: The sketch editor has the same functionality on a white background and is particularly useful if you want to clarify something described in the text with a quick drawing. This is particularly the possibility of freehand drawing.

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